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Annealing after forging in highly recommended to minimize stress in the part and assuring optimum heat treat response. Annealing DC53 can be annealed by uniformly heating the part to 800° C (1,475° F) to 850° C (1,550° F), and holding for 2 hours followed by a slow cooling at no more than 27° C (50° F) degrees per hour to until the it has dropped below 500° C (930° F). The part can then be removed DC53 Heat Treat International Mold SteelDC53 Heat Treat International Mold Steel 6796 Powerline Dr, Florence, KY 41042 (800) 625 6653 Web imsteel Salt Bath Hardening Per heat the part to 850 C (1,550 F) until uniformly heated. Austenitize in a molten salt bath at 1,030 C (1,885 F) for a minimum of 5 minutes. See chart below for details.DC53 HEAT TREAT CHART Alro SteelDC53 HEAT TREAT CHART Austenitize* 1030°C 1880°F * For certain applications, low temperature draw may apply. Please contact International Mold Steel. Double High Temperature Draw* 520°C HRC 62/64 968°F 540°C HRC 60/62 1004°F 550°C HRC 58/60 1022°F * Material growth .10% to .15% alro Alro Steel Steel & Metals Industrial Supplies Plastics

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DC53 Heat Treat DC53 is only as good as the heat treatment it receives. The heat treat process can be broken down into two segments, Hardening & Tempering.DC53 Tool Steel Special steel china supplier OTAI DC53 tool steel heat treatment JIS DC53 tool steel Forging Slowly and uniformly Heat the DC53 tool steel to 700°C (1292°F)then rapidly heat the DC53 steel to 900 1040°C (1652 1904°F). After forging slowly cool down.DC53 STEEL titus steel Industrial Steel Supply, Steel DC53 is well suited for supporting a wide variety of surface treatments which include Case Harden Nitride (Nitriding) which is diffused into the substrate tool steel or use the Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Thermal Diffusion (TD) otherwise known as

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DC53 D2 DC53is a general purpose cold work tool steel with exceptional Toughness, Wear Resistance, Compressive Strength and Temper Resistance. These properties are obtained through its chemistry as well as its unique manufacturing process of ladle refinement, vacuum degassing and Dc53 ? BladeForumsJan 25, 2006· DC53, is an improvement over the alloy tool steel SKD11 specified in Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) G4404. It eliminates the disadvantage of insufficient hardness and toughness, resulting from high temperature tempering found with SKD11, and is intended to replace SKD11 in use for general purposes and precision dies.Heat Treating Steel Hardening and Tempering D7 Tool SteelHeat treat instructions for this grade can be found in the ASM Heat Treaters Guide. This reference does state that higher temperatures and longer times are needed to dissolve all the carbides in D7 than in other D series tools steels. Patrick Nowak Wednesday, 08/31/05 07:39:21 EDT

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When desirable to relieve the strains of machining, heat slowly to 1050° 1250°F, allow to equalize, and then cool in still air (Strain Relieving). PREHEAT PRIOR TO HARDENING Preheat slowly to 1350° 1450°F and hold at this temperature until material is uniformly heated.DC53 Advanced Cold Work Die Steel Heat Treatment DC53® Advanced Cold Work Die Steel Heat Treatment Recommendations Heat TreatDC53 Heat Treat DC53 is only as good as the heat treatment it receives. The heat treat process can be broken down into two segments, Hardening & Tempering. DC53 is typically air hardened using a DC53 Heat Treat Mold SteelDH21 Heat Treat International Mold Steel 6796 Powerline Dr, Florence, KY 41042 (800) 625 6653 Web imsteel DH21 Heat Treat DH21 is a heat treatable air hardening premium hot work die steel with high toughness and heat check resistance and was developed with aluminum die


Higher hardness after heat treatment than SKD11 A Hardness of HRC 62 63 is secured after tempering at high temperatures (520 530oC). Therefore, DC53 exceeds SKD11 in strength and wear resistance. Double the toughness of SKD11 DC53 has relatively well performing toughness among all cold die steels. Therefore, toolsTool Steels New West Metals IncFor all your Heat Treating Applications. DC53 Tool Steel. New West Metals is Canada's Distributor for DC 53 Tool Steel. Introducing DC 53 The Evolution of Tool Steel. New West Metals Inc. in conjunction with Titus Steel Company Ltd. Is pleased to announce that we have been appointed the official distributor for Western Canada of DC 53 tool steel.DC53 TOOL STEEL Hot Work Bladesmith's Forum BoardApr 16, 2006· High temperature tempering (520°C or higher) allows DC53 to retain its high hardness and wire electro discharge machinability. Even when tempered at low temperatures (180 200°C), DC53 remains twice as tough and equal or higher in hardness (wear resistance) than D2." It seems to require an heat treatment like a stainless steel.

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Oct 24, 2014· With special care DC53 can be welded. Electrodes should be dry to prevent bubble cracks in the weld. Placing the rod in a 350 degrees Celsius (650 degrees Fahrenheit) oven for one hour is generally sufficiant. Pre heat the part to be welded to 500 degrees Celsius (930 degrees Fahrenheit).Tool Steel Forums Shrink in heat treatOct 24, 2014· Shrinkage of any tool steel is due to excessive levels of retained austenite. This is generally caused by under tempering in the heat treat process. This is common when heat treating DC53 as you would heat treat D2 which is not recommended. DC53 Why don't we see more DC53 blades? BladeForumsSep 28, 2019· ( 1.5% vs 1%) so I get the tougher claim. If it is more wear resistant than they are getting it from the heat treat and final hardness not the steel chemistry. It should be a good clean steel that works and heat treats well but I wouldn't see any reason to pay higher prices than for regular ingot D2 if cutlery is the intended use. Joe

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A2 tool steel properties. A2 is also an air hardening tool steel but includes less than half the chromium (4.75 5.50%) and a bit less carbon (0.95 1.05%) than D2. Its highly wear resistant and moderately tough. Like D2, it is incredibly resistant to distortion during heat treating Tool Steel S7 Shock Resisting Tool Steel S7 SteelS7 Shock Resisting Tool Steel. S7 Shock Resisting Tool Steel is an air or oil hardening tool steel that is characterized by very high impact toughness. The combination of strength and high toughness makes it a candidate for a wide variety of tooling applications.DCMX titus steelA revolutionary, patent pending, Cold Work Die Steel that outperforms all other Matrix type steels. Features. DCMX is a matrix type cold work tool steelonly fine carbides are distributed in matrix due to optimum alloy design and production process.

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The high carbon content enables M4 steel to be hardened in excess of 65HRC. However, the high hardness and high vanadium carbide content make it more difficult to grind after heat treatment compared to M2 and other high speed steels. Other Known NamesHS 6 5 4, E M4, SKH 54, Stark. Griggs Steel Color CodeGreen. Common UsageDC53 Steel Fushun Special Steel Co., Ltd. Professional DC53 steel, is an improvement over alloy tool steel D2 specified in Standard (JIS) G4404. It eliminates the disadvantages of insufficient hardness and toughness, resulting from high temperature tempering found with D2, and is intended to replace D2 in use for general purpose and precision dies. This is the preferred heat treatment for most Tool Steel DAIDO STEELTool Steel. Tool steel is one of Daido's major products and we have a wide variety of products for cold, hot, high speed and plastic mold applications. Some of our brand steels are highly evaluated globally such as DC53 and NAK. To satidfy our customers' demands, we are pursuing high quality products and high performance technical services.

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