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Henry Single Shot .410. The Henry Single Shot .410 patterns lead and TSS loads well.Henry Rifles. The .410What Good Is It? CHUCKHAWKS.COMEarly on, the .410 was considered a "taxidermist's shotgun," as the pellet count was so low the possibility of severely damaging a mount was decreased. The .410 makes limited sense in certain states where rabbit and squirrel cannot be hunted with rimfire rifles and handguns, but with its dismal pattern and high cost per shot it is neither practical nor particularly effective.Using a 410 Shotgun for Home Defense The ContinuanceMar 11, 2019· The .410 was originally developed and marketed as suitable for pest control and small game hunting, but it can be effective against larger targets, such as coyotes and even deer. The small size of the .410 bore also makes it popular for use in compact firearms carried for emergency use, so called survival rifles, the most famous being the M6 survival rifle made by Springfield.What is a .410 shotgun good for? QuoraIn a Taurus Judge, 410 can be used as a snake or rat killer round. Most people dont consider this round to be adequate for self defense. It will be best suited for small game and pests. Another use for 410 is skeet and recreational shooting, its light recoil allows younger or smaller shooters to have fun.

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Mar 29, 2020· Notably, this is one of the good ones. It is a no nonsense option for home defense built on a very reliable, very durable platform that gives relatively high capacity, good ergonomics and good feeding with a small price tag.What are .410 Shotguns used for? Dedicated to the Apr 21, 2009· The .410 is good for hunting wild game, target practice and home defense. Lets take a look at these three areas .410 shotguns excel in. 1. HuntingThe .410 is perfect for hunting small game and in the hands of a capable and experienced hunter, larger game such as deer. I use a .410 deer hunting and they are deadly under 50 yards.The Mossberg "Shockwave" In .410 GaugeA Good Home Apr 11, 2020· Not only is it compact (which makes it good for close quarters and home defense), even though its a.410 gauge, it still packs one helluva punch and quite frankly, I wouldnt want to be on the receiving end when this weapon is fired.

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Apr 20, 2010· The.410 ga is fine for small animal hunting and pest control. Rabbits, squirrel, pigeon, crows, and pheasants are dispatched with humane quickness. The gun has a tendancy to give long shot strings and not pattern as well as larger bored shotguns.Why You Shouldn't Use .410 Shotshells for Defense The Mar 17, 2016· The signature capability of the .410 revolving handgun is its ability to use shot filled shells, in marketing speak these guns are pistols that fire shotgun rounds. However, these sorts of bylines, while technically accurate, dont accurately reflect the actual capabilities of the Judge or similar models of revolving handgun.Is a .410 shotgun a good choice for home self defense? As others have said lower recoil, less chance of over penetration, weight of the weapon being a good balance between a heavier caliber pistol or lower caliber rifle. Another benefit would be the slightly lower sound level. The 20 gauge and.410 give a wide selection of shot types. From light bird shot through slugs.

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Specifically, a 410 bore (not gauge because the 410 is designated by its approximate caliber .410 instead of a gauge) for home defense. Some may say, Its a shotgun, therefore its got to be good for home defense. Right? Well, no. The 410 holds a much smaller payload of shot than 20 gauge or 12 gauge shotgun shells.Is A .410 Pistol All It's Cracked Up To Be For Concealed May 24, 2019· Is A .410 Pistol Really That Good For Concealed Carry? One of the greatest gimmick guns in recent memory is the .410 pistol, such as the Judge and Public Defender series from Taurus and the Governor by Smith and Wesson.People insist that it's a .410 Bore Self Defense Choices Gun TestsThe idea seems to be that an inexperienced shooter facing an intruder will have an easier time wielding the .410 in a life or death situation than a heavier, harder kicking 12 or 20 gauge. This concept has led to the development of revolvers designed to handle the .410 loads and their being promoted as good choices for home defense situations.

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The firearma hand me down Harrington & Richardson .410 shotgun, a single shot model. During the 40 years between then and now, Ive always had a .410 shotgun or two. In all that time, however, I never considered the .410 a candidate for that all important spot in the corner within arms reach of the bed.American Rifleman Loading Mossberg .410 Shotguns for The Remington E .40 cal. 1/5 oz. (87.5 gr.) rifled slug is a good example of a typical .410 load in this category. The lightweight slug has a rounded nose and rifled sides to help stabilize What good is a .410? Gun and Game The Friendliest Gun Jun 18, 2008· 410 is on a resurgence here in the land of OTZ, they dont stay on the shelves that long, some the guy's use them on spring waterfowl here, its a good utility round, just begging to be used! it is a threat to the .22lr as far as useage, 3" #2's are hard to argue with the results.

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Jul 14, 2008· If you can handle a good ribbing from the guys at the range, sporting clays with a SxS 410 is a blast. Give yourself about a year of dedicated practice and the next thing you know you will start to pick off some of the bottom scores of the guys with their 12ga cannons, and it feels so good!Why You Shouldn't Use .410 Shotshells for Defense The Mar 17, 2016· The Taurus Judge is not the first .410 caliber revolving shotgun handgun hybrid, but it has been by far the most successful pistol of its kind.Despite being a heavy, bulky weapon that holds a mere 5 rounds, the Judge can be found in most well stocked gun stores, and its suitability for personal protection has become a hotly debated topic on internet forums.Shotgun Gauges Explained10 vs 12 vs 16 vs 20 vs 28 vs 410Buy some good 28 gauge shotshells here..410 BoreAs the smallest shotgun bore in common use, the diminutive .410 is commonly used for small game hunting. The .410 does have a very mild recoil, which makes it popular for smaller framed hunters like children. .410 ammunition and shotguns are pretty common and easy to find as well.

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Dec 08, 2008· They actually have more energy than a .357. A big downside to the .410 slug is that all of the factory ones are loaded with a REALLY soft lead slug that breaks apart rapidly on impact. At least on impact with ballisic gel. Box of truth has a good article on the .410 slug.What .410 load to use for squirrels? Gun and Game The Oct 08, 2008· That is where a full choked .410 with magnum shells is quite effective. Even though you will have far fewer shot in the load compared to a 20 or 12 ga, you won't need a whole lot to get the job done. Good luck with your hunting. Squirrel really is tasty game! msj8 Best Options for a Good Hog Hunting GunThe Smith & Wesson M&P 15 is a good budget AR hog gun in the $700 range. This AR is great for bringing home lots of bacon in a hurry. These rifles aren't picky on ammo and are quite reliable. The only thing to take into consideration is that again, this is a rifle chambered in 5.56.

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Jun 18, 2005· A 410 skeet load of 9s will do the job. Agreed on letting leaving snakes leave. I'd be quite surprised if there was only one snake. While unsocial when not hibernating, oft snakes clump together in good habitat. Took down an old stone wall back when I worked construction. If Shotgunworld What is a 410 SxS shotgun good for?Aug 02, 2008· Ya, the Model 23 Classic was available in 28ga. and .410. You would probably do well to get one for 2 or 3 thousand. I still get a knot in my stomach when I hear "Model 23 .410". A few years back a local classifieds had a Winchester Model 23 in .410 advertised for $90. I naturally thought it was a typo but even at $900 it wold be a great deal.

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